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Counseling professionals in Georgia look to us for continuing education content that is lively and captivating.   As a trainer, Dr. Collins is interactive and engaging in delivering training content that is relevant and usable.  Over the span of her 20+ year career in this field, she has conducted trainings across the United States and internationally on mental health, substance use, personal growth, integrative care, cultural diversity, treatment planning, organizational leadership, and social justice in counseling.   Our full-day and half-day workshops are approved by the Licensed Professional Counseling Association of Georgia for continuing education for LPCs and LAPCs in Georgia.  Read the comments at the bottom of this page to see what people have said about our training events.

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LIVE WEBINARS in May and June

Mother's Day Sorrow (May 1)

Counseling Considerations for Motherhood, Mothering, and Mother Loss in Black Communities

Mother’s Day in the age of Covid-19 presents new challenges for Black individuals seeking to navigate grief. In this webinar we acknowledge the pronounced history of the role of mothers within the Black community of the United States and examine the significance of Motherhood, Mothering and Mother Loss in Black communities. We will begin with a discussion of the history and role of Black mothers before addressing some of the contemporary problems faced by Black mothers. Next, we will explore the issues of maternal loss (loss of a child) and mother loss (loss of a mother). Finally, we will conclude with a discussion of useful, culturally conscious interventions for clients presenting with problems that arise around this holiday.

Father's Day Blues (June 5)

Counseling Considerations for Father Wounds, Father Fever, and Father's Day Issues in Black Communities

Black Fatherhood. From the iconic sitcom dads of “Fresh Prince” and “Family Matters,” to #girldad, to the incorrigible stereotypes of absent or neglectful Black fathers, there is no shortage of perceptions surrounding the role of the father within the Black community. In anticipation of Father’s Day 2021, we acknowledge that this holiday presents countless challenges, new and old, for many Black people. Consequently, this webinar begins with an examination of the history of Black fatherhood. Next, we explore contemporary problems faced by Black fathers. Lastly, we address the challenges arising from father-related losses in Black families and conclude with a discussion of implications for culturally conscious counseling practice. 

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See what training attendees said about past New Seasons' training events.

"This is honestly the most informative training I have ever been to.  So much info I will use daily."

"Actually, this was one of the most useful and affirming workshops I have attended in years.  Thank you I really enjoyed this day."

"Awesome workshop! I really enjoyed the material and your professional style. Thank you!"

"Excellent presentation!!! Perfect workshop!"

"Workshop was impressive, informative and practical for therapeutic use."

  "Very satisfied. I appreciate the wealth of information. I plan to take future courses with New Seasons."  

"LaVerne is an awesome presenter -- engaging, funny, smart!!!"

"I learned so many intervention ideas....that I can use. I also enjoyed the group interactions and plan to utilize the skills learned. In my opinion, the training was well organized and informative."

  "Excellent! Engaging presentation!