What do Dr.Collins' trainees have to say?

Relevant and engaging training, with knowledge and skills you can use right away!


See what training attendees said about past New Seasons' training events.

"This is honestly the most informative training I have ever been to.  So much info I will use daily."

"Actually, this was one of the most useful and affirming workshops I have attended in years.  Thank you. I really enjoyed this day."

"Awesome workshop! I really enjoyed the material and your professional style. 

Thank you!"

"The presenter was amazing. She held space for us to navigate the worlds of diversity and understanding. She helped introduce words that made sense to body experiences as a BIPOC in the hospital. She overall gave me hope, validated my experiences, and tapped into some healing even for me."

   "I attended the seminar about the mental health of African American men and it was life-changing. I was actually blown away! I know I received information that will help me for the rest of my life. While you’re planning your events, please consider booking her. This information is cutting-edge, powerful, imperative, and life-changing. "  

   "Presentation and information are exceptional.

It feels as if this experience could constitute a quarter-long college course. So much to learn, and lots to practice together. A wonderful day--inspiring, helpful, and even fun!   An unexpected answer to prayer for me--prayers not even fully formed or expressed."   

"I learned so many intervention ideas....that I can use. I also enjoyed the group interactions and plan to utilize the skills learned...the training was well organized and informative."

  "The workshop was phenomenal! You are an amazing presenter!  I took notes on your presence, articulation, and knowledge of presentation and engagement! You should consider a workshop on Presentation Etiquette & Engagement!"  

  "Dr. Collins presented a wealth of resources and shared from her experiences. It was an excellent workshop experience."

  "Dr. Collins' sharing from the wealth of her experience and background was most useful. She clearly provided us with current & timely research on microaggressions." 

   "The presenter (LaVerne Collins)

modeled professional transparency,

a strong competency in managing time and technology, creating a safe environment for participants to share experiences.

Well done and important."   

"Dr. Collins did an AMAZING JOB addressing all the points in her presentation. She allowed for open discussion and used evidence-based
information to substantiate her information. She is amazing!!!!!!!!"

"Workshop was impressive, informative and practical for therapeutic use."

  "Very informative. Provided what was promised, Held my interest. Advanced skill level.

  "Very satisfied. I appreciate the wealth of information. I plan to take future courses with New Seasons."  

"Excellent presentation! 

Perfect workshop!"

"LaVerne is an awesome presenter--

engaging, funny, smart!!!"


Engaging Presentation"

"Thank you, Dr. Collins, for generously offering your deep knowledge, time, energy, questions, perspective, and resources! Looking forward to more learning with you and with my colleagues."

"Thank you so much, Dr. Collins, for this and for the gift of your time, wisdom, and stories today. I am so grateful to have been a part of our time this morning and I am looking forward to diving into these amazing resources you offered us."

  "I have taken your courses as a case manager and the insight you provide is phenomenal!  I would like to extend exposure to your trainings to my staff."

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