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"...honoring diversity and embracing a multicultural approach in support of

the worth, dignity, potential and uniqueness of people within their social and cultural contexts."  

ACA Code of Ethics Preamble (2014, p. 3)

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Multicultural Consciousness in Continuing Education (Coming Soon!)

Unraveling the Complexities of Mental Health in the AAPI Diaspora 

(LaVerne Collins with Shreya Vaishnav*)

When Clients Are Angry at God

The Role of Sista Circles in Healing Black Women Survivors of Intimate Partner Violence

(Shanita Brown and Brean’a Parker*) 

Can Racism Rob Children of Innocence?

Military Culture and Mental Health

Understanding the Needs of Immigrants  (George James Ramos*)

Jewish Culture, Religiosity, and Mental Health (LaVerne Collins and Devor Shabtai*)

A Gamer Identity (Eric Perry*)

Risk, Race, and Racism in Maternal Mental Health (LaVerne Collins with Kristy C. Holloway)

The Paradox of Age Bias (Part 2): Youthism

The Paradox of Age Bias (Part 1): Ageism

Colorism: The Complexion Privilege 

Ethnic Bias and the Latine Experience (LaVerne Collins with Elizabeth Santiago*)

Fighting Classism

The Question of Racial Matching

Racism, Rage, and Relationships

Centering Multiple Margins (By Dr.Tameeka Hunter)*

Religious Bias, Microaggressions, and Stigma

Race and Cultural Ruptures in Counseling

Counseling Asian American Clients in COVID-19 (Stacey Diane Litam & Monica Band)*

Sorrow Buried Alive:  Exploring the Grief of Racism

Faith-based Mental Health Promotion for Black Communities

Beyond either/or: Serving Biracial, Multiracial and Multiethnic Clients

Healing the Soul Wound of Identity-Based Trauma

Racial Colorblindness in Counseling Relationships:  Ethics, Innocence & Harm

Treatment Barrier or Counselor Bias?

Working with Clients who are Angry at God

* Denotes guest author(s) or co-author

Reader Comments

"I just wanted to acknowledge your article in Counseling Today discussing the grief of racism.  Of all the literature, speeches, presentations, and motion pictures I have absorbed over the past several years, this is the most simultaneously poignant and all-encompassing piece on race. I will be sharing and referencing this article for a very long time."

R.B., Mental Health Therapist

"Dr. Collins, I so appreciate, and learned from your piece,"Sorrow Buried Alive: Exploring the Grief of Racism," in this month's Counseling Today. 

I now see that I have been missing the critical point of identifying grief as a major component of all types of oppression. 

I will continue to educate myself with the goals of more empathy and improved clinical work with clients now that you have opened my eyes. 

Thanks so much for the important work you do.

K.W., Licensed Professional Counselor

"I read your article on "Racial Colorblindness in the Counseling Relationship" and was hoping to use it in a class for counselor trainees.  I especially liked your race narrative questions and thought we might include that in an orientation course for counselors in our program.

Thank you for writing about this important topic."

S.M.,  Associate Professor

"Thank you so much for your article on Faith-based mental health promotion for the Black communities in the January 2022 issue of Counseling Today. This article blessed me and validated intersectionality between the Black Church and Mental Health Counseling as necessary

to eliminate the stigma of seeking counseling." 

C.S.,  Doctoral Student

"I read your column in Counseling Today and thought it was outstanding.  Might you have time for an informal Q&A with [my] class?...

It would be terrific for them to gain your insights, as your column fits so well with the foundation of the course. 

J.M.,  Professor / Lecturer

"We discussed your article on racism and grief during counseling supervision this evening. It gave me a new understanding of the terms ambiguous loss and disenfranchised grief. Oppression of human beings in any form or shape produces the same result. People grieve their loss."  

V.V., Counseling Student